Why is This a Thing? A Blog Reflection.


As I am sure many of you know, my name is Tanner. If you are visiting this website, you have probably seen me around on Twitter, have read something I have published on multiple websites before or know me as a former co-host of the We Don’t Know Wrestling podcast. However, there is also the chance you just happened to stumble upon whatever this is based on trying to find a picture of Abyss flailing through a flaming table, regardless I welcome you all!

If you do know me, you know that I am a flutterer (is that a word? Probably not) in terms of my writing, which I started on another blog a couple of years ago that will rename nameless as it was just the worst. So you may be asking yourself, “Why is *this* one the one?” and to answer honestly who knows? I could write stuff on here for a week, call it a wash and never write on it again. So right now, this is here for one thing and that is to give me a platform to write about my love of pro wrestling. Does that sound cliché? You bet your ass it does, and we aren’t done yet so hold on tight.

This will be the hub of all my long winded musings of wrestling. Does that include reviews, both singular matches and full shows? Yes. What about longform styled pieces on promotions, wrestlers, or whatever just checks all the boxes for me? Yes, probably sooner than you and I expect as well. So literally anything relating to wrestling will be talked about here? YES, YES IT DOES.

So now that the “Let me answer my own questions” block of text is over with, the last piece of business will be here, something we pros like to call “the conclusion”. The blog will be 100% my thoughts, I appreciate those that have reached out that said they would like to write for the site already (SHOCKING! I know) but I can barely manage me right now, so no need to overfill this basket with eggs (I told you the clichés were not over!). I look forward to seeing how this site evolves over time or by this time next week if I’ll still be using it. Regardless, thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy The Burning Banter (I really hope that comes off as a pun for The Burning Hammer because in my head I am the most clever person on Earth for coming up with the name).


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